When you listen to the audio commentaries and other additional

In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, humans are actually only the third most intelligent creatures on Earth. The first is mice. But then, they are hyper intelligent pan dimensional beings who are actually running the Earth, which is a giant computer program, and the second is explicitly stated to be dolphins (who aren’t in disguise and are still ahead of humans), and who knew about the impending destruction of Earth long before the humans themselves knew about it. The dolphins tried to warn them, but when the humans didn’t understand, they left the planet quietly by their own means. Their last message is “so long and thanks for all the fish", and this all becomes important in the book So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish. At the end of it, it’s all but stated outright that the Dolphins were responsible for restoring Earth.

Replica Stella McCartney Handbags Our wiki parser is trained to automatically convert any instance of CamelCase into a clickable link. (We call them Wiki Words.) This is the preferred way to link between articles, but it only works on two or more words at a time, leaving pages with one word titles (like “Pirate") out in the cold because it just doesn’t have CamelCase to begin with. (Don’t try to fake camelcase either this will confuse the parser when it creates the link http://contentbusters.net/uncategorized/everythings-worse-with-sharks-hammerhead-undeadchalices-3/, and you’ll end up with “Pira Te" instead of “Pirate".)[[note]] Which could be a good name for a scurvy pirate captain, but moving on.[[/note]]) For these names, every time you want to link them you need {{curly braces}} for the parser to spot it. This is not a problem, but it’s just not as quick or easy as linking via WikiWord. Replica Stella McCartney Handbags

Replica Handbags Code Geass: At first glance, it’s kind of hard to tell if Okouchi and Taniguchi were serious. The villains all dress in ridiculous outfits, guards tend to menace people with spears, and the series appears to have been written for a young William Shatner and Brian Blessed. When you listen to the audio commentaries and other additional materials for the series you begin to realize that the Code Geass staff had a lot of fun working on this production, coming up with all manner of crazy ideas and in jokes, suggesting they weren’t above liberally combining Rule of Cool and Rule of Funny for the sake of increasing entertainment value. For example, the creators used the Britannia Emperor’s larger than life character design in the show because it was hilarious for them. Combined with Norio Wakamoto’s voice acting, this eventually led them to making the “Rocketmoto" sequence during a climatic part of the story, which the staff also approved due to its comedy value Replica Handbags.

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